Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Firsts

Thirteen Things about Valtool.
Valtool's firsts...
1. Home that I remember - a split double house in Coatesville, PA. 1004 Olive Street to be exact. You can see it on google earth maps.
2. Movie I remember seeing in a theater - Star Trek the Motion Picture.
3. Album I bought - The Muppet Movie Soundtrack
4. Cassette I bought - Kilroy Was Here by Styx
5. Important Person I met - Jimmy Carter (I was 5 and he was running for President)
6. Time I rode a horse - December, 1988 at Younglife's Windy Gap
7. Broken Bone - November 1997 - L2 vertebrae when thrown from a horse!
8. Car - 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier (a red one, literally for all you fans of Swingers).
9. Hockey Game - Atlanta Thrashers hosting (and beating) the New Jersey Devils, December 2006.
10. NBA Game - Orlando Magic, 2000, only because Avalon was performing after the game.
11. Trip outside the USA - went to Canada when I was about 8, only remember Niagara Falls.
12. Musical Instrument - started trumpet in 4th grade, played through 9th.
13. Beer - Moosehead. This should not be ANYONE'S first beer, especially at 15 years old.

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jayedee said...

interesting list....thanks for sharing!

FRIGGA said...

Wow you have a good memory. I can remember my first broken bone, my first car and my first beer, the rest of those I can't remember :-0