Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pixel's Home!

Pixel disappeared for two and a half days on us. We were getting worried and even called Animal Control today hoping they might have picked him up. About 5:10pm today he came in through the doggie door as if he had only been out for an hour.

Since Lucy died we have been keeping the doggie door closed, because another neighborhood cat comes in to eat our cat's food and has had confrontations with our kitties.

He got out when I went out to mow the lawn on Tuesday, and came home tonight. We did not notice at first, but he has a wound on his leg. I got a better look at it this evening, and it looks like something got a hold of his hair and pulled out a section, but there are no obvious puncture marks to indicate he was bitten, and he has his full ebergy and personality, so we expect he'll be okay, but we will work very hard to make him an indoor only cat from now on.

Amy has commented frequently that he has very pretty eyes, so below you'll see three pictures I took of him a few minutes ago, one showing off his eyes, and the others show his wound.


Bubba's Sis said...

Ouch on that wound! You might want to have the vet check it, just in case.

But yes, those eyes are beautiful!!

FRIGGA said...

Awww poor kitty!! Happy Rockin' Friday though! :)

Special K said...

Poor kitty!

Beverly said...

Uh oh hope it heals well.