Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Moral Compass

We went to play trivia tonight and we did very well. In fact, we were tied for first place the entire night, having missed just one part of a four-part question. The final bonus was to decide the fate of three teams that were tied with 112 points of a possible 116.

I thought I had heard the question before, but I wasn't sure enough to suggest an answer, but the two teams we were tied with were both in the non-smoking room with us and they both answered very quickly. That is a good indicater that they knew it right off. One of our teammates had to use the restroom, but we knew he would go and use his palm pilot to check our suggested answer before we turned in.

In the past I have gone along with letting him cheat in this way, but tonight I knew it was wrong (not that I didn't know this before), but I made the decision to go ahead and turn in our answer while he was in the restroom.

After we turned in our answer I conferred with a friend on another team and confirmed our wrong answer, so we knew we were out of the running. We ha bet all 20 points so we dropped to 92 points and did not win a prize.

I don't want to be a cheater.


Bubba's Sis said...

Good for you - you did the right thing.

amy said...

Out team mate was surprised we turned it in. I dont think MIchael is trying to toot his horn but it was one of those weird things when it would have been really easy to cheat, ya know!

The Straight's said...

Yeah!! Being honest isn't always easy, BUT it is always right :)

k1 said...

YEA for you!!!!

as you do, so will your child. The time to rid yourself of bad habits or sloppy morals is now, before you become parents!!!

Good for you!