Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot, Weird, Fun

These are the words that best describe trivia tonight.


We play on Monday's at Johnny's New York Pizza. It's averaging in the 90's outside here in Atlanta and the centerpiece of this restaurant, literally right in the middle of the place is a pizza oven.


We had a fun set of questions, some of which I will share in a moment, but here's the deal. We were tied for first at the half and we were tied for first at the end of regulation. We got the final bonus right (thank you Ben Mobley), but were still in a tie. We had a tie-breaker question which we got right (thank you Erika Mobley). When I turned it in the host read our answer and said "sh*t." We had another tie. So another tie-breaker question which we were further from correct than the other team, so they won 1st place and we took second.

What was also weird was the use of a song during one of the questions. The host played Poison's "Unskinny Bop" which just HAPPENS to be the Metal Monday song over at another blog I run called Taking You Back which you can visit at


Sadly Amy could not make trivia tonight because she had to work. We did have a team reunion of sorts as Ben & Erika Mobley and Dave & Leslie McElhanon all attended. We used to try to have all three couples plus our friends the Mantooths who made up the four couples in our church small group. Erika contributed three answers and Ben hit the big one out of the park with the answer to the baseball question for the final bonus. Here is a sampling...

What was the name of the oldest Banks daughter on Fresh Prnce of Bell Aire? (Erika had this)

What American Army General was known for wearing two pearl-handled revolvers?

Russia is bordered by 14 different countries. What other country has 14 bordering neighbors?

What rap artist was absent when he won the Academy Award in 2003 for Best Song from a Feature Film? ( I got this one)

What female singer is the only person to ever have two songs from different movies nominated for the best song Oscar in the same year (in 1980)? (We missed this, but the irony/weirdness was that the answer to this question is my Wednesday's Woman this week over on ) So tune in on Wednesday over there to find the answer. Our guesses were Barbra Streisand or Dolly Parton. We went with Barbra and it was wrong.

The half-time bonus, which we got all 4 parts right, was in my arena to answer. Here's the question.... Sting the wrestler, Sting the singer, or Both.... these are the answers to match to the following 4 statements...
1. His real name is Steve Borden.
2. Was a teacher.
3. Has appeared on Mad TV.
4. Is the subject of a biography called Demolition Man.

The final bonus question. Thank you Ben for showing up to know this answer!
Besides John Smoltz, there is only one major league pitcher who has over 150 career saves and has only played for one team. Name him.

The first tie-breaker. How old was Jo in the beginning of the novel Little Women?

The second tie-breaker. When Disneyland opened in California, how much did a regular adult admission cost? The sad connection is that a single-day adult ticket to the parks in Orlando now costs over $70.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Remind me to NOT play trivial pursuit with you...

FRIGGA said...

It sounds like a good time - plus I think it's much more fun when it's a very close game! :)

Jeff said...

Ah, I miss the old days of living in Atlanta and participating. You know, there are nice hospitals in Memphis, and I know the local Buffalo Wild Wings has trivia in Tuesday nights ...

amy said...

I am very open to moving to TN!