Thursday, July 03, 2008

Against All Odds

Nope, not talking about the movie that had the Phil Collins song. I am talking about poker. Tonight I went to Barnacles, a local seafood restaurant to play Texas Hold'em and I had two of the three rarest hands possible, the 2nd and 3rd best hand (though each could be beaten with higher cards in the same types of hands.

First I had a straight flush. My pocket cards were the 2 and 3 of spades. The flop came out Ace of hearts, 4 of spades and 5 of spades, giving me a straight, and an open-ended straight-flush draw. The ace of spades came on the river and so I hit a 5-high straight flush.

About an hour later I had a King and a seven for my pocket cards and the flop came 2-7-7, so I flopped 3 of a kind. On the river the 4th 7 was turned, giving me a four of a kind.

The odds of getting a four of a kind are 4,164 to 1.

The odds of getting a straight flush are 72,192 to 1.

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