Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Very Satisfying Week

Good afternoon y'all!

It's Sunday, about 3pm and Amy and I are relaxing and watching some TV with Lucy the Basset Hound. We got up and out this morning to attend church at Heritage Presbyterian in Acworth. After services we stopped at Family Christian Store so I could get another copy of Casting Crowns' first CD and Amy got some books. We then went in search of lunch, encountering full parking lots and packed restaurants all along Hwy 92 in Woodstock. Our best guess is that First Baptist of Woodstock is having rehearsal fornext week and everyone has to be back this afternoon. We settled on La Gondolier. We'd looked at La Gondolier for the past two years but never stopped in until last week. Its a very nice family-run Italian/Greek restaurant owned by a Greek family.

I spent the last seven days helping open a new Chick-fil-a in Atlanta. For the first time I was part of the marketing team and not part of operations/training. it was a neat difference. I spent about 75% of my time in a cow costume, greeting guests, taking pictures with kids and adults, and standing out by the road waving people in to try the newest Chick-fil-a in NW Atlanta.

The highlight of the week came yesterday. I was due in to work at 9am, and I immediately cowed up and went out to drive business during breakfast. At 10:30 they brought me back in to rest and get ready for my special assignment. The owner of this Chick-fil-a also owns a unit about 5 miles from the new one. That unit was participating with a private school for special needs kids for their Easter event, which included an egg hunt, DJ, pony rides and other carnival rides. The Easter Bunny and the Cow made a great appearance together and I actually bellieve Iwas more popular. I danced to the "duma duma" Hungarian song and some other party songs with the kids. I snuck up on parents and bent to one knee to hug kids and take pictures. I think there were about 100 kids plus family members there. It just felt REALLY good to see the responses from the kids and bring joy to them.

After work (1pm) I went to our Wednesday trivia venue (Winstons) to play poker. Saturdays are quieter than Friday night and I came in second place of 30 players, winning a $15 gift certificate. After poker I drove to my home Chick-fil-a because I had to key in invoices and cut checks for the end of the month and finally home to Amy where we cooked out hamburgers and I crashed around 10pm.

This week I'll be back to my regular routine, work and hitting the gym. We will also be submitting all of our paperwork and our next payments for our adoption on Wednesday, so it will be a very special day for us as once we are translated and sent to China (DTC meaning Dossier to China) we'll be looking forward to our LID (Log-in Date).

The week also holds plans to do some gardening including buying and planting some new azaleas and figuring out what to do around our mailbox as I never planted the bulbs I bought lasst fall.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like an incredibly busy week Michael :) I bet it was wonderful to entertain those children and see them smile. How very rewarding. :)

Hope this week is equally wonderful - take some pictures of those azaleas. I have a shady spot that I need to plant soemthing in and need to find out if azaleas will work there.

Sparky Duck said...

wait, where is the Chik-Fil-A bling bling for your readers?? :)

and Amy bought books? shes giving away books!

TeaMouse said...

I was just checking out this Chik-Fil-A online - mouthwatering menu....too bad I am in Canada. I like those little breakfast muffins and a biscuit and you guys know how to eat!

I was also impressed by the company's decision to remain closed on Sunday - hat's off on that!

Kudos to you Michael for surprising Amy with the flowers - they look great!

It's too early to do that here but hubby came home with an Easter Lily for me and it's so pretty.