Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 on Tuesday #3 - 10 Idols/Heros when you were a kid

1. By far, Michael Jack "Mike" Schmidt - #20, the third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies. When I was 9 I got to see him play in the World Series (I went to game 2, the Phillies won in 6 games). Yesterday (4/16/07) I received my much-awaited replica Schmidt jersey!

2. Deborah "Debbie" Gibson - in 1987 she stole my heart, clean cut, cute, positive lyrics, and she sang, wrote, produced and played instruments, making her a far cry more talented than Tiffany.

3. Baden Powell - I was a Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout, and Baden Powell was the founder of the modern day scouts.

4. Peter Christopher - he's my older brother. Though just 2 and a half years older, he was 4 years ahead of my in school due to a July birthday and skipping a grade in elementary school. I liked hanging out with him and his friends (he didn't always like it). As I was a big kid, people sometimes asked if we were twins.

5. Barry Manilow - it's my mother's fault. Before I knew what taste in music was, she bought me some of his music and I remember getting excited one Christmas when I got the album of his Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2.

6. Susan Richardson - Not really an idol or hero, but she was from my hometown and had made it as an actress as one of the daughters on TV's Eight is Enough. IMDB shows a lot of TV work in the 70's and mentions a nervous breakdown she has recovered from in the 1980's.

7. Hall & Oates - two more guys from my part of SE Pennsylvania - they were the first concert I ever attended (at age 14).

8. Ultraman - Long before the Power Rangers there was Ultraman. The best I can remember, it was about a group of Japanese people fighting evil (including Godzilla-like enemies) and the hero would become Ultraman by pressing the button on some hand-held thingy, morphing into a giant robot-like fighter!

9. The Matel Corporation - I was all about collecting Matchbox Cars and Hot Wheels cars. I had carrying cases for them and would show them off to my next-door neighborm the daughter of the associate pastor at my church (we were both about 7 years old).

10. Bo and Luke Duke - My brother and I loved the Dukes of Hazzard. In 1982 when we were told we were moving to Georgia I got very excited and looked for Hazzard County on a Georgia map. I couldn't find it because, well, it doesn't exist. :(


Debi said...

Great list! I've got Larry Bowa on my list. And if my husband played, I guarantee he would have Bo and Luke Duke on his!

Patois said...

Very eclectic list. What (mostly) great heroes you've had. (Sorry, but I could take Barry over hear Hall & Oates any day!) I'm with you on Schmidt. I saw him play, too.

Karen said...

LOL, you left off Wonder Woman and I keft off the "Duke" family:-)

I haven't seen Ralphie since the Karate Kid days tho...I might have to look that up:-)

ti'mo said...

Great list - thanks for visiting! Too funny about Bruce Willis - I'll look for your post. :)

Jordan said...

I'm liking the old school ultraman on the list. I think you may be one of only 6 people in America to know about ultraman.

Cassie said...

You have a cool list! Since your mom listened to Barry Manilow I'm guessing she & I are about the same age. Also enjoyed Hall & Oates and loved 8 is Enough.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog--

Dack Rambo played the grandson on an old Western called The Guns of Will Sonnett, which starred Walter Brennan as Will Sonnett

and Sajid Khan was a "fave rave" teen idol for a couple of years in the mid to late 1960s. He costarred with Jay North in a TV series called "Maya" which was set in India. Dunno whatever happened to him...

lmilla said...

Hey, a GA boy!!! I'm a GA girl... grew up in Conyers. Thanks for visiting... I'm new to the list thing and am excited you stopped by to read mine!

PS - I always thought Bo and Luke were going to come to get me and take me away from Conyers to live in glamorous Hazzard Co. sigh....

Jolene said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Michael. I guess we all hold a special place in our hearts for the Dukes :)

I love Mattel too, they gave me Barbie. The best doll ever made, hands down.

Julia said...

Bo and Luke from the Duke of Hazzard are on my list....I use to dream that they're going to come and save me LOL...and every day when the show come on, my brother and I would be singing the opening credit of the theme song, along with them.

Great list! Happy Ten on Tuesday! Here is Mine!

Lynne said...

Mike Schmidt has always been my #1 favorite baseball player. And I love Barry Manilow. I'm in awe of anyone who can play piano and compose music. Are you from the Philly area? I grew up there - now live in Cumming, GA.