Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Major Family Change

Based on growing tension and feelings of being belittled and criticized by one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet, I may now be ending any relationship I have with my father.

In the past 3 years his words have driven away his youngest brother, his oldest son, and now his middle son. All the while he continues to embrace and develop his relationship with Jason Morhaus, the son of his wife and her first husband, who openly calls my father "Dad." So where he has burned bridges with his two biological sins, he has built one with this person. I suppose it's not unfair considering he had his life ruined by getting my mother pregnant with Peter and having to marry her as a result. Apparently he never actually loved her, and since his situation was irreperable, he went ahead and had two more kids with my mother before finally leaving her for another woman.

Sp on New Year's Eve 2006, I look forward to a new life without a father.

Happy New Year!

Evebody hurts - REM


Jeff said...

That's too bad, Michael. I'm saddened to hear that it's deteriorated to the point where you feel it may be easier just to walk away.

Steven M. Russell said...

Might I suggest the new book by Donald Miller called "To Own A Dragon."

Not that a book will help ease pain...just thought it might be comforting to you.

Cyndi said...

i understand this , there have been times i have had to cut my dad out of my life,it hurts because he's my dad and i wanted to have a normal realtionship with him but things were so bad, lucky got saved and is a much better grandfather than he ever was a father.we still have some issues but its gtting better. I know its a hard decision for you to make, but i know your dong the right thing for you.i'm praying for you.

tiggerprr said...

I totally understand how you're feeling. My husband was in a similar position, except he had no siblings or step-siblngs. His father, couldn't even step up and be a father to ONE son. His father died, after instructing his family not to contact my husband until after the funeral so Ken couldn't go. Even in death, he had to take one last swipe at his son, who really did nothing to him, other than be born. Makes me angry.

It's good that you have your Amy, to be supportive of you, and it's so clear she is. :)

michelle d said...

I kinda know what it feels like. Im kinda in the same boat. It sucks. I have not seen my dad in over a yr.

michelle d said...

I mean he just cant see that he is being a moron. I hope one day he really takes the blinders off his eyes.