Sunday, December 03, 2006

Feliz Navidad Y'all

So it's Sunday. Amy worked last night so she came home and crashed after we watched a bit of last night's SNL. I rarely, I mean VERY rarely watch SNL, but the host was Lost's Matthew Fox and the musical guest (big stretch here for that term) was Tenacious D. Really now, can anyone call this music? It's campier than anything even Spinal Tap put out. I got points later in the evening though because I recognized the guy who is not Jack Black as an actor in "Elf."

Amy goes to bed and I stay up to read the paper. All is generally well except for a headache and Lucy being in destruction mode. She decided to steal and destroy the sleeve for Amy's new Season One of Beverly Hills 90210 and the bag and wrappers from my morning trip to Mrs. Winners for some steak biscuits. Of course she does this by waiting til I go to the restroom and then runs out the doggy door to have free reign to run from me in the backyard. She is definitely smart enough to know to do this when she is unattended while you are on the commode, and sometimes there's just not enough time to get her in her kennel before leaving the room.

So after catching and disciplining her, I go upstairs to lay down for a bit as we have until 1:45 or so to be out the door for the event of the day, the Chick-fil-a Roswell Town Center Christmas Party. Really not a party, but just free food and comraderie on the expense of our owner/operator Jim. For some reason Jim chose to hold it at a Mexican restaurant in Alpharetta (about 4 miles north of our store). The food was very good, but I just didn't get the choice of the venue. The cool thing though was a connection for Amy.

We have an employee named Brannon who came with his fiance Melissa. It turns out they met while Brannon worked with BSM at Georgia State University and one of the staffers there (I think this was mid-late 1990's) was someone Amy knows from Union University. She'll have to explain who it was on her blog or in a commenton mine for y'all to find out who it was.

So anyways, we were there til 4:30 and then took a cross-country route home so Amy could see "The Castle," a private residence in Roswell that is built like a miniature castle complete with gnomes on the fence posts acting as sentries. We proceeded north and west finally coming to I-575 in Canton which is about where the hills become mountains.

We made it home stopping at Publix to pick up the postage stamps Amy left there Friday and some sodas and we finished the trip home driving through the neighborhood to see what houses had added Chritmas lights this weekend. I made her the promise we would work on ours on Wednesday so they'll be up before our Christmas party on Sunday.

It seemed the right thing to do, so me made calls to family tonight. We started because my mother called us as we were walking in the door. We then called my brother because Mom told me our nephew Basil had surgery on Friday and we had not heard about it prior to her call. Basil is fine, though like his father and uncles he has had to have tubes placed in his ears. He is just shy of 17 months old and has had two infections already in his short life. It's an outpatient deal now lasting only about 4 hours where it was a much bigger deal back in the 70's.

We also called my father's house and spoke with my step-mother. She too was unaware of the surgery so I think Tim may be in trouble with Dad on this one.

Amy and I settled down to watch "Elf" after viewing a portion of the Casting Crowns concert I recorded from GMC last night (we were at this particular show they taped). So we did not make it to either of the free Christmas concerts we could have gone to tonight (Newsong with Rachel Lampa and Todd Agnew or Natalie Grant) but we had a good time together and now I must get to bed for I have to get up for work in 6 hours.


amy said...

FOr anyone who went to Union, he knew Jay Ridenour from seminary!!!!

tiggerprr said...

Hi! I sure hope y'all took a picture of The Castle! I want to see the gnomes! LOL

Jeff said...

So Chick-fil-A held a party at a Mexican restaurant. Is that legal?

Instead of watching modern SNL, last night while doing Christmas cards, Val and I watched the Best of SNL Christmas that she bought me for our one-month anniversary. Does my bride know me or what? Mmm ... Schweddy balls ...

Cyndi said...

yeah hard to believe SNL used to be funny.
what a cute kid, and your dog is so cute.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

The that the one on 140 heading towards the Fulton/Cherokee line? I can remember when that was being built. We traveled back and forth that way to get to Canton. ALL of my family is from Canton and we were building a house up there on property that has been in Dad's family forever. Pretty soon after the walls were put up we stopped and had a nice long conversation with the man that built it. He was very nice and invited us back. We went after they moved in. It's a very unusual place.