Sunday, December 24, 2006

ManCard Renewal

My Man Card Renewal is complete with the achievement of today's 2 and a half hour power shopping.

I left the house roughly at noon and hit the mall for about 5 stores and then a local plaza for 4 more, got a full tank of gas, lunch from Taco Bell and was home at 2:30.

I have alwqays operated this way in regards to Christmas shopping. It does not usually include Christmas Eve, but with the work schedule I have maintained recently, leaving me too tired to do anything after my shift, it became a necessity today.

I am happy to report that most everyone I encountered was in good spirits. Lines were not too long, traffic was only snarled due to poor arrangements of patterns in the Target center in Woodstock, and a lot of people responded well to me as I was wearing jeans and a UCF t-shirt topped off with a puffy-banded santa hat and my RayBan shades (kinda Blues Brothers style).

So we'll be off to visit a local church we've never attended, Shiloh HIlls Baptist Church for their 5pm Christmas Eve service and then home for some Chinese food and wrapping gifts and watching movies. Amy will be pleasantly surprised with some of what I came up with for her. Let me simply say a lot of her gifts revolve around her comfort levels.


Cyndi said...
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Cyndi said...

awesome! i have done all my shopping in the past fewdays. at 1:00 am thursday i got my sons hummer. and was lucky to find one left. nothing like waiting to the last minute. and love the ufc shirt paired with a santa hat. very cool. I'm glad Amy will like her stuff.I hope you &Amy and your cats and dog have awesome christmas.

amy said...

BTW, hubby rocked on the christmas shopping

hes awesome as always

amy said...

you have been tagged..see my blog for details