Sunday, July 02, 2006

Work was fun.

I spent my first 4 and a half hours yesterday in the kitchen making the food for people. That is, Gonzalo baked the biscuits, Angeles made burritos and chick-n-minis and cooked eggs for biscuits, and I assembled the biscuits and made plattrers and hashbrowns and such.

I was glad to do it on a Saturday, because we are much slower during breakfast than on a weekday, with the exception of 9:15-10:45 or so. The biggest issue is people ordering specialized sandwiches which we can't premake and keep on the hot chutes. I can premake chicken biscuits, sausage biscuits, butter biscuits, sausage-egg-cheese, and bacon-egg-cheese. The problems come when I want to make another 24 or so chicken biscuits to beef up my supply and I get 8 consecutive orders with things like chick-egg-cheese, sausage and cheese, bacon and egg, etc. SO by the time I make those, I have no regular chicken left and I haven't made my 24 I planned to. :)

The rest of the day I worked headset and cash management. I got home a bit after 4:30 to wake Amy and have dinner (Publix fried chicken).

Last night I went to see Mission Impossible III and I was pretty disappointed. It was so much a re-hash of everything we saw in the first movie, including plot lines and tricks. The worst thing I found was a scene with Cruise's character wanting to talk to his kidnapped wife to know she was alive. We've seen in every movie that they can use a microchip over the throat to copy a voice. Granted he asked a semi-private-knowledge question of her, but still..... shouldn't he know better?

We have family in town for the holiday. We hope to see Tim, Mery, and Basil today and or tomorrow.

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Kelly said...

I hope that you have a nice visit with the other 1 year old in ya'lls family. Nice to know what "sits" at "The CHicken Store" as Janie and Seth call it. I will have to make sure I order something special :)
Have a great night..