Thursday, July 06, 2006

When you wish upon a star.......

So last night was the final night of TriviawithPatrick's (hosted by Patrick Davis) Hot Summer Thematic Nights, this week featuring all Disney trivia.

We (Amy and I) trekked to Alpharetta to play because it was not theld on Tuesday at our normal venue in Roswell and Amy loves Disney. We did well in many ways. We came in first place, but we forfeited our prize to the second place team and allowed 3rd and 4th to take prizes as well.

Amy did a bunch of research and it helped because the final category was Disney Chronology. The question was o put the followinig classic animated films in order of theatrical release. At three poinnts a piece a possible 21 could be scored. If you miss one, you automatically miss at least 2, limiting your max score to 9 as 2 wrongs (-6) plus 5 right (15) leaves you at 9. The films (not ordered) were Aristocats, Bambi, Cinderella, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, and Sleeping Beauty.

Other questions....

What was the name of the annoying bird in Aladdin?

Which of the seven dwarves wore glasses (it's not Gimli)?

What film featured the Academy Award-winning song "You'll be in my Heart," written and performed by Phil Collins?

What is the name of the evil puppeteer in Pinnochio who wants to cut Pinnochio into a pile of wood chips?

What is thte name of the actor who played Herbie's owner in the original Herbie the Love Bug films?

What is the name of the ORIGINAL narrrator of Fantasia (it was re-recorded for remastered releases)?

In Toy Story 2, who tells Buzz Lightyear that he is his father?

What name did Lily Disney (Walt's wife) convince him NOT to call his c haracter that became Mickey Mouse?

and the big bad one... during negotiations witth Pixar in the early part of this decade, Michael Eisner created a new CG Animated studio that already had plans for park rides and movie sequels based on Pixar films that Disney already owned the rights to. What was the name of that company?

Who is the current president and CEO of Disney?

Name the ABC anchorman who was badly injured this past January in Iraq?

What is the name of the debate show on ESPN hosted by Kornheiser and Wilbon?

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