Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Man, a rough day at work. It wasn't anything hard or troubling,just poor scheduling and then people deciding they did not want to work the schedules they had, which made things even tighter for us to serve guests well. My hallmark of the day was assembling 50 boxed lunches for a Habitat for Humanity build. A first for my experience, they were building townhomes. We had made 73 milkshakes by the time I left, a little after 2pm.

Making Something New - Call it Greco-Italian

I decided to try to emulate/duplicate/reinvent my sister-in-law's (Kelly) baked ziti. I am instead creating Michael's pasta bake. It's a combination of Ragu thick n chunky with mushrooms, with a pound of ground beef added, rigatoni (big ziti),fresh hot & spicy ittalian sausage, and a blend of ricotta and mozerella cheeses. All are cooked according to spec and then combined in layers in a casserole pan (brreaking in AMY'S casserole dish from the Williams/Sonoma outlet. She just came down and stuck her head in the oven (ruining any surprise) and said it smells good. We'll let you know.

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amy said...

It was both tasty and delicious and I am okay with him using my casserole dish although when we were first married I had a hard time with him using anything...i was mean