Wednesday, July 12, 2006

High Power Sleep Depravation, Losing Trivia, & the Will of the Wife...

I could not sleep to save my life last night. I went to lay down at 11:00 and gave up around midnnight. I tried again, successfully, at 3:30am, so I am running today on about 2 and a half hours sleep. Oddly enough I had plenty of energy today att work, and it was another day to need it. It's all about the milkshakes. Yesterday (Tuesday) a full page ad ran in the Atlanta paper with a coupon for a free sandwich when you buy a milkshake. TV and radio ads began and I saw them on FOX during the MLB All-star game and heard them on Star94. Our maximum number sold was about 145. Yesterday we sold 253. Today I had to go to Kroger because we ran out of whipped cream. Personally I like to grab a can of whipped cream in each hand and say, "Okay! Bring on the college girls!" (if this seems inappropriate, read on, it's justified)

Amy and I wound up alone last night. Peter is out of town. Jeff had to work. Chris was asleep. My father bailed. No idea where Mike was. We actually could have placed 2nd or 3rd if we had bet conservatively on bonus questions because we did better than anyone on the final bonus, which was to identfy the artist that performed each of 11 James Bond movie themes. We got 5 correct and none wrong.

While I could not sleep I talked a bit with Amy. As a result, this morning I no longer have sideburnns. It would appear that they reminded her too much of the "sideburns lady" in the opening of The Wedding Siniger. I suppose nothing says "I love you" more than being told be your spouse that you remind them of a gross caricature of undesirable ugliness.


Kelly said...

I absolutely love the new Chocolate milkshakes. Have had 2 and absolutely loved them. Got to love the cherry and whipped cream garnishment :)

amy said...

I hope I didnt wake you as I just laughed so hard in the computer room