Monday, July 17, 2006

An Interesting Question

After a dramatic conversation about personality and the impact it has on others, I had this thought last night. If I were to die tomorrow, other than family, who would bother or care to come to my funeral?


amy said...

oh love of my life...lets not be morbid....

i have thought this as well but not for along time.

April said...

hey, Michael,
We are looking forward to Friday night.
In answer to your question: We would make every effort to come to your funeral! and you would be missed! But I think you know this.
Search yourself as to why you are asking this question. Your life has meaning, God has a plan for you. You need to be still and listen.

Jeff said...

Depends, would it interfere with meeting up with Amy for Tuesday night trivia? Priorities and all, you understand.