Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday #21

My 10 Favorite Articles of Clothing
1. Mike Schmidt 1980 throwback Phillies jersey.
2. Atlanta Thrashers Home Jersey.
3. UCF Polo - received this Christmas.
4. Hard Rock Cafe Denim Jacket (London) bought in 1994.
5. My "work" socks. I buy Starter brand black athletic socks, great comfort for being on your feet all day.
6. PokerStars polo shirt - it was free from the site.
7. UCF t-shirt that says "Mess with one Knight, mess with all 45,000."
8. Black denim shorts. They have finally worn out after 8 or more years.
9. WHTQ 96.5 FM baseball jersey from when I interned with the station back in '99-'00.
10. Autographed Debbie Gibson "Dare 2 Dream" t-shirt, only worn once, it's another 10+ year throwback.


The Social Frog said...

I am not a big fan of buying clothes and such and I had to "reach" to find some items,lol. You have a lot of neat things listed. I think people are not commenting because no one really is playing as not everyone has fav. clothes or sports moments. I did not participate last week because I would have had nothing to say,lol.

Kimber said...

Interesting collection of shirts! Have a great Tuesday!

Jackie said...

Hi ... I'm new to this meme..... I like you site! :)

FRIGGA said...

It doesn't surprise me that half of them have a sports theme and at least 1 has to do with poker.... But I'm wondering where on the list does the pirate outfit go? haha :)

Robin Vaughn said...

Debbie Gibson? Really?