Monday, January 12, 2009

Jack is Back!

Horay for the American TV audience! Tonight was the return of 24 and the return of Jack Bauer, the man who got blackjack with only one card!

I totally forgot that Jeanine Garafalo was to be on this season. She has lost weight but she still annoys me to Hell and back. I have a hard time separating her politics from her art. From what we saw in the first two hours tonight, I fully expect she'll be the one to blow things for Jack by worrying about loved ones and leaking to the world what is going on behind closed doors at the FBI.

Aside from that, I like the idea of having Jack face a former friend as a new nemesis. I liked the pick-up on the assassin's shoes outside the Columbia building, and the female FBI agent he is paired with is hot, nice freckles!

American Idol starts this week. We are watching the Biggest Loser, and we are already behind almost 3 hours from last week needing to watch DVR'd ER, Grey's, and Private Practice.


Jeff said...

I think Tony is actually still on the good side. He was far too reluctant to kill innocent people, so either he's being blackmailed or he's undercover.

And I don't like having Jeaneane (or however you spell it) either. I read an interview where she said she was reluctant to do the show because of the producer's right-wing politics, and I thought, "And WE'RE the fascist blackballers?"

FRIGGA said...

Ummmm, how does one get blackjack with only one card?

Clay said...

u better watch Jack while you can because soon it will be Dora the Explorer and Big Bird...hehehe

BTW, we watched Jack all last summer on pirated DVD's I got so hooked....pam in henan

Don and Be said...

We still havn't watched the DVRed "24 Redemption" from November. Most likely, We'll do a 24 marathon some night when we can't sleep. We have been hooked from Season 1 Episode 1.