Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ten on Tuesday #20

Ten Favorite Sports Moments
1. 1980 - The Phillies beat the Royals to win the World Series. Tug McGraw says "You gotta believe!"
2. 2008 - The Phillies beat the Rays to win the World Series after a two-day delay to finish game 4.
3. Tiger Woods wins anything.
4. Georgia Tech owns Georgia in the 3rd quarter and breaks a way-to-long losing streak by defeating the dogs between the hedges, 2008.
5. I attend my first professional hockey game and see the Atlanta Thrashers beat the New Jersey Devils in December 2006.
6. Cal Ripkin, Jr. breaks the Iron-man record by playing in 2131 consecutive scheduled games, beating Lou Gehrig's record of 2130. The game was stopped when it became official and Ripkin was recognized before play resumed. I cried.
7. UCF enters the Conference USA in 2005 and hosts the innaugural Championship game and plays in the school's first ever bowl game.
8. At age 40, Randy Johnson pitches a perfect game against the Atlanta Braves. 2004.
9. Clint Bowyer finishes the 2005 Daytona 500 UPSIDE DOWN AND ON FIRE!
10. George Steinbrenner fires Joe Torre, who is then hired by the LA Dodgers who leads them to the NL Championship series in the same year that the Yankees don't even make the playoffs, 2008.

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