Sunday, October 05, 2008

A minor setback but cause to celebrate

Good morning Y'all,

It's Sunday and there is Phillies baseball to watch today! I had actually hope this would not be the case, but the guys had a hard time of it last night in Milwaukee where the best the commentators could say about the fans was that they are professional tailgaters and they like beer and brats.

The Phillies lead the National League Divisional Series 2 games to 1 now, and a win today or Tuesday will advance them to the NL Championship Series against the LA Dodgers. Yeah for the Dodgers! They kept the Cubs out of contention by sweeping 3 games from them including two in Chicago. Dodgers manager Joe Torre is showing he can lead any team to and through the post season which is funny because he was fired from his position with the Yankees last year and this year the Yankees did not even qualify for the playoffs.

There is another cause for celebration and that is that I am about 12 hours away from celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary with Amy. The traditional gifts are either wool or copper. Since we also have our church directory photo tomorrow, I am thinking that matching sweaters may go over better than matching suits of armor. What do you think?

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