Monday, October 06, 2008


It has been an interesting few weeks for me. I have become active in a pair of men's Bible studies. I have become more enthusiastic about the worship experience at my church. I have been actively working to raise money for a health-based charity that is close to both my family and to me as an individual. I have been reading a work of fiction that is touching me in some very unexpected ways.

If it makes sense at all, I would like to say I have a better appreciation of God now than I have in recent months. That sounds pretty weird, but it's the best word I can think of to explain it.

I also have a better appreciation to report and that is an appreciation of a gift I received from God. That gift is my beautiful wife Amy. Today marks 7 years since we were married and more than anything I find myself thankful for the fact that she loves me both for who I am and in spite of who I am.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good afternoon Michael, I want to wish you and Amy a special 7th Happy Anniversary ..thanks for sharing your wedding pictures..lovely and loving pictures.Have a great day with Amy and give her my best when she wakes up...hugs, Baba

FRIGGA said...

Her dress is gorgeous!!!! You two look so young!! Great pictures - hope ya'll had a great anniversary!!!! :)

Amy said...

Many blessings to you and your Amy. My dh and I are Mike and Amy as well. We're celebrating our 15th anniversary this week.