Sunday, August 13, 2006

I have a bun in the oven. Okay, so it's not a bun, unless you consider it to be a really big one. Within a year after my wedding to Amy, my brother, who had been unemployed for over a year, gifted us with his used bread machine. We have used it a few times over the years. We simply but the mixes off the shelves at the grocery and Publix has dropped down to just two kinds now. Kroger has a better selection, As we speak, there is a loaf of Royal Hawaiian Sweet bread cooking. That is Amy's favorite and it's the same kind of bread they make rolls from in the orange packages you find in most grocery store deli departments. I think a trip to Kroger or SuperTarget is in order to get some raisin bread, country white bread, or some other style mix soon.

When I met Amy, she worked in a hospital where they had a bread machine and they made it regularly during their overnight shifts. Fresh bread in the morning, yummy.

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