Sunday, February 25, 2007

Neighborhood Drama

So it's about 6:15pm here and we just came back in the house after watching some form of drama unfold at the house next door. We don't know the details, but it started with fire rescue and a fire engine appearing outside. Next came the police and an ambulance. Eventually a small toddler was carried out and placed on a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance as a helicopter circled and landed nearby to take the baby away.

This is all a little weird as the house next to ours has been vacant for just over two years as the owner was trying to sell it after his last renter died in the house. Also, we;re told that a few years before we moved in, a child fell into a pool at the house across the street and one more lot down from us.

We knew people were moving in next to us about a month ago, and we are a bit confused as there are often up to 4 cars and a mixture of kids and adults coming and going. We've seen a 10-12 year old looking Hispanic boy, an adult Hispanic woman, and an adult white male, none of whom have responded much to our attempts to be sociable. A neighbor thinks there may be as many as seven people living there.

I guess the strangest thing is that no one at the house seemed in any form of panic regarding the injured toddler. An EMT told me the child had fallen but said if we wanted any more details we needed to talk to the family.

On the plus side, we got to talk to our neighbors Dave and Holly and see their kids, Brett and Reagan (who at 16 months has awesome blue/gray eyes).

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Jeff said...

Freaky. Stay away from that house!