Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Coming Apocalypse

There have been signs over the years. When I worked for Family Christian Stores it was the release and inventory stock of CDs by gay American Idol reject RJ Helton and Kathie Lee Gifford. Today it is this news...

Van Halen will be touring in 40 cities for the Summer of 2007. It is not bad enough that Michael Anthony will NOT be touring as bass player - replaced by Eddie Van Halen and VAlerie Bertinelli's offspring Wolfgang Van Halen. The true sign of the coming end of the world is this...

David Lee Roth will be back with the band as the lead singer.


Sparky Duck said...

no no no no noooo no no no noooo

Jeff said...

Does it make you sad that I couldn't barely tell you the difference from one Van Halen group configuration to the next?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

There are, in essence, only two that matter. From the onset through the album 1984 the lead singer was David Lee Roth. During that time they had albums like Diver Down, and 1984 with songs like "You Really Got Me," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Running With the Devil," "Panama," "Jump," and "Hot for Teacher."

After 1984 (the album and the year, Roth left to pursue solo work and Sammy Hagar was brought in for the lead. Dubbed by fans as "Van Hagar" they now had another power guitarist to compliment Eddie Van Halen's finesse guitar work. The albums 5150 (police code for the criminally insane) and OU812 were released with songs like "Top of the World," "Dreams," "Why Can't This Be Love," and "Poundcake."

Sometime in the mid-late 1990's Sammy left the group and was replaced by one of the dudes from Extreme - yeah, the "More Than Words" guys. This really did nothing to effect the balance of the music world except to tell people that Van Halen was pretty much done.

Eddie had married Valerie "One Day at a Time" Bertinelli and produced the offspring named Wolfgang. David and Sammy toured together as a double-billed show during which time they never shared the stage and avoided even seeing each other while touring. Van Halen appeared on an MTV awards program with Roth but it was a one night deal and society moved on and accepted the state of the music world as it was. Besides, by now we had grunge and hip hop, so no one really noticed we had no VH.

I think the best VH shows were probably in the early days because Roth is a showman. He's apparently an egomaniac and not the easiest guy to live with, and I sincerely doubt that 23 years later it will be of the same quality as it would have been in the 80's, plus they'll probably go the Eagles route and charge $100 a ticket, so there you have it Jeff.

tiggerprr said...

I am a HUGE Van Halen fan. I saw them on the 1984 tour, and they rocked. At the time it happened, I was disappointed when Dave left the group and Sammy joined. But, I have to say, Sammy was the best thing that ever happened to Van Halen, aside from Eddie's virtuoso playing of both his guitar and the keyboards. Lyrically, and I daresay musically speaking, the "Van Hagar" days are far superior to the early days, though I love them too. I never had the chance to see Van Halen perform with Sammy at the lead, however I have seen a post-VH Sammy in concert at the Hard Rock in Vegas, and wow, he's a great performer with the whitest teeth in the business.

I think this new tour will be a train wreck. And I'm so broken hearted to say it. David Lee Roth may be a colorful egomaniac, but I'm so sad to say that "my" Eddie, seems to have a far bigger head than all of them. I can't believe that he'd displace Michael Anthony after all this time, except for the fact that Michael Anthony remains good friends with Sammy Hagar, and that apparently did not sit well with Edward

Sorry to post a post on your comments! LOL