Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow Atlanta Style

We got about 1/2 of one inch of snow here in Kennesaw. This is typical of Atlanta-area snow. We do have closings of most every metro school system. In our neighborhood we have a lot of hills and my brother told me that when he got home last night (around 10pm) the kids were out sledding. This had some merit because the snow will not last. We won't get above freezing today, but there is some melting happening.
Amy worked last night and has to work again today so we'll see how she does getting out of the neighborhood to get to work tonight. We have a new friend in the neighborhood, this funny-faced stray-looking black cat has been coming up the sidewalk to visit our house. He/she won't come close enough to be pet, and we've seen it across the street seeking shelter in the storm drain. This morning we awoke to 16 degrees with a high of 29 so I hope he has somewhere warm he can go.

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Jeff said...

That looks familiar. Just enough to shut everything down, not enough to play!