Monday, January 11, 2010

DVD Time

This weekend we hit the RedBox for two movies. They recently installed one at a Shell gas station within 2 miles of the house which is very convenient as it is outside and available 24/7.

We watched Julie & Julia last night. It's good. Meryl Streep could certainly be up for an award or two for her portrayal of Julia Child. It is a new take on the bio-pic as it blends Child's life in France through her death with the real-life experiences of a want-to-be writer in early 2000's NYC. Amy Adams plays the Julie who is trying to prepare every Child's recipe within 1 year and blogged about it and grew quite a following. Amy said she sees Amy Adams becoming the new Meg Ryan, and with her cuteness and diversity in roles, I could see this. It helps that Nora Ephron (You've Got Mail) was behind this film.

Tonight I (note the singular) watched Inglorious Bastards. All I can really say it is not what I expected. I like Quentin Tarentino's films so I was hopeful, but it was a bit hard to follow due to the speed with which subtitles were displayed and removed. Also, I expected more Brad Pitt and his guys running around killing people as that's what the trailor indicated the movie was about. The saving grace (though limited) was the casting of Diane Kruger who I became infatuated with in the National Treasure movies. Would I own it? No. Would I watch it again if I happened across it on TV, probably.

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