Saturday, January 27, 2007

Capriciousness of Youth? Nah, Just STUPID!

So I'm at work this morning, taking orders in the drive-thru, which I do a lot because it's probably my best area. We're pretty busy because we're at the end of breakfast and on a Saturday we get chaotic from 9am to about 10:45. I glance out the window and see a car is there, but it is facing the wrong way for our flow of traffic.

Now, we have people who drive along the north side of our building heading east, which is against the flow of traffic for the parking lot, but this car was facing east while parked at the window. A teenage boy was driving and another teenage boy was in the passenger seat paying for an order. I thought perhaps they had pulled up to the window while driving east. It turns out they actually pulled up to the ordering lane in reverse and drove around the side of the building in reverse as a joke.

At the time I realized this, I noticed three of Roswell's police officers in the lobby of the restaurant about to order. I know these guys so I said yeah, wanna check this out? They watched the kids drive in reverse out to the parking area, back into a space, and then pull forward to leave the property. They had no clue their little stunt was being watched by the police, but they found out pretty quickly when Offier Ortega ran out to his car, sped afdter them and pulled them over.

He rejoined his coworkers about 10 minutes later with aq pretty bug grin on his face. He told us he wrote them up for wreckless driving and he just wished he could be there when they have to explain to thier parents why they have a traffic ticket!

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