Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Save the World, Sterilize this man

For the most part, I don't care about celebrity news, espoecially in this day and age of manufactured celebrities. This said, I could care less how much or little Lindsay Lohan, Paris H1lton, Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, eat, don't eat, date, don't date, get chased by paparazzi, wreck cars, get DUI's, make bad sex tapes, etc. There are greater degrees of this with ones like Duff and Lohan who are celebs because Disney says so, or HIlton and Richie who are celebs because of DNA links, and DNA is where I am going with this. We must save the world.

The White Trash Pop Princess (Britney Spears) has filed from her divorce from her wanna-be-rapper (Kevin "K-Fed" Federline), apparently CAN dance, sperminator of a husband. Here's a young lady who married a guy who had fathered two other children with another girl (who was still pregnant with the second kid when Spears. Spears is dumb, but not, she allowed herself to be photgraphed for all the best mom-of-the-year competitions recently by walking into an outdoor-access gas station restroom BAREFOOT, EWW! She has been seen driving with a child in her lap rather than a car seat, and driving with the wrong type or misinstalled car seat. I will support her having SOME intelligence (or her handlers) because she is reported to have an iron-clad pre-nup.

Mr. Federline has recently taken to making appearances on professional wrestling shows in order to promote his dismally selling rap CD (WWE fans are NOT the type to buy such crap). As one report says, Kevin became enraged when Mrs. F laughed at a tape of his wrestling appearance and he became violent with the furniture.

I don't know that either member of this couple has anything to contribute to society as far as the gene pool is considered. She has nice looks, but that's about it. Kevin is only good at impregnating women, so let's call a cease and desist on that one. All in favor of forced chemical sterilization?


Cyndi said...

I totally agree with you! He is now filing for custody of the kids to try to get her to give him more money. Now there's a classy guy.but what did she expect considering he dumped his pregant girlfriend for her??he has sold 6 thousand copies of his cd, and while that is a awful number i can't believe 6 thousand people bought it..ewww

tiggerprr said...

I totally agree with you. I kind of feel sorry for her though, she clearly was a cash cow and no one thought to educate her for when her looks fade and her fame dies off. It's so sad, and I'd never let that happen to MY daughter.

Off topic...I thought of you today. Hubby and I were driving past a Chick-fil-a today...and the Cow was out waving at the traffic. How kooky is that that it made me think of Amy's Michael, whom I've never met? LOL

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I'd say never say never. Weird things happen in some of these circles. I once new a girl from Indiana or Michigan who was part of an online chat group (in the 90's) and I was in Nashville once on a photo job and ran into her.

Amy and I were part of a group of fans of two authors and some of the group wound up having a reunion and later we met and had dinner with a military couple that was part of the group.

Heck, Mike, one of my groomsmen was a guy I only met because of Debbie Gibson and the Internet (don't ask). :)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...


For some reason K-Fed has been brought into the realm of professional wrestling (they support crappy music like the band Fozzy (a wrestler is the singer) and Brooke Hogan). It is rumored one of the elements leading to the divorce was a furniture-tossing rage he went into when Brit laughed at a tape of his WWE appearances. For some reason they have him challenging the current champ (Jon Cena) who has released a rap CD (premiered at 15 versus K-fed's 151) for a fight on New Year's day in Miami. Obviously the boy needs attention, and the paycheck.

Cyndi said...

your right, And i hate to admit this but i am a wrestling fan, yeah fozzy sucks and brooke hogan, well...I don't know why they have brought kfed into wrestling except for he's a natural heel and nobody likes him before he even said a word.his recent wwe appearances are funny because he is so not believeable as a actual fighter.