Friday, November 17, 2006

About Last Night

No pun intended, but the title of this post is the same as the title of a movie and that is what it's all about.

At 5pm yesterday, Amy and I braved the rush hour traffic to venture to Kennesaw Town Center Mall where, upon arriveing in the food court, we met the collective conscience of Valfrey.

We hung out for about an hour talking about all sorts of things including the fashion sense (or lack thereof) of our other mall-goers as we people-watched.

Deciding we were hungry (though Valfrey had a moderatley late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory), we coordinated our vehicles and the newlyweds follwed me and Amy to our favorite neighborhood family-owned Italian restaurant, Bergamo. There Jeff and I enjoyed the calamari and Jeff got jealous that Amy and I had bigger and better salads (we had ordered our house salad made Greek for the extra $1.95).

Amy enjoyed her manicotti, and I my veal parm, and both Jeff and Val partook of the lasagne. After dinner we ajourned to the Christopher house for an evening of socializing and game playing. Val spotted our wedding album in the living room and seemed envious of the style and layout. If I remember correctly our photographer put it together for us. We got Jeff some sudafed so he could tolerate a few hours in the house with 4 cats and a dog and we moved to the family room to try a new game.

I bought Amy the DVD game Scene It for Christmas and we'd not had the ocassion to open it until last night. I deceided we'd play every man or woman for his or her self and we began. The game involves answering trivia questions about movies or identifying them based on word questions and video clips. Early on I was lambasted for having a large lead, but things tightened up and in the end Jeff won the night (but not the war). it is a fun game and refill/extra editions include one on Disney movies.

It was very enjoyable to have a some friends, a couple, come over and spend some time. We are making progress at becoming normal!


Cyndi said...

aww Valfrey very cute. did you come up with that?

Cyndi said...

Oh BTW i had left this on a post on stevens blog but i figured i'd put it on yours.and i worked at a chick fil a in memphis years ago, and i liked the christina enviornment alot.
"Michael, I loved Shawn Michaels book , i’ve always been a fan but more so now.You and your family are in my prayers as you share your love with a child who needs it, I’m sure she will be a tremendous blessing in your lives.(guess i should have put this on your blog huh?) ,Cyndi

tiggerprr said...

That sounds like a great way for y'all to spend your evening! I hope that we'll meet some people in our new hometown soon so we too can have fun playing games and socializing. :)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Nope, Cyndi, I believe the Valfrey label was a creation of Mr. Rushing. I have taken to this one though I LOATHE the stupid celeb ones like Bennifer, Tomkat, Vinnifer, etc. makes me wanna puke.

I did see and appreciate your response on Steven's site. Oddly enough, Steven complained that no one had any thoughts or comments on his first Darfur post and so I commented and he has not responded. Jeff said he gets on kicks about issues but reverts back to the reputedly jovial guy he alledgedly is. :)

Cyndi said...

yeah he likes comments but never leaves them...he's left me 1 comment,and that was in july.
I hate the celebrity names too..but i think the Valfrey is cute. i can say i 'm tired of hearing about tomkats wedding, what do they think they are Jeff and Valerie or something.:)

amy said...

A)Great videos
B)I have received a comment from the one you mention
C)I love my husband who happens to be valtool
D)Valfrey Rocks!

Jeff said...

We had a great time Thursday night! It was nice to do some socializing even if it meant I wasn't entirely focused on Val for at least three seconds during the evening, Bergamo was very tasty, and we ended up buying the Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD game after enjoying Scene It so much, so y'all are welcome to join us for a rematch!

Steven M. Russell said...

Wow. Being talked about. Glad I swung by to clear things up.

- Comments. I comment when I have something to say. I refuse to comment for the sake of commenting. You know I come by the blog. And if I have something to say I will say it.

- Darfur is not "something I am on a kick on." It is something real. It is a haloucaust like slaughter of people based entirely on the color of their skin (in this case black). It is unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated.

- Jeff and Val. That is what I shall call them.