Sunday, October 22, 2006

$5 and 2 hours wasted

So this morning I woke up at 4:30am to start the bread machine and again at 7:30 to be ready to make breakfast for my returning Amy. It really didn't pan out as I waited for her to get home fearing she might bring breakfast and then we'd have two, so I waited and she got home and she went more or less straight to bed.

I read the paper and watched some television. I started some laundry, took a shower and went out to waste some time and money going to an 11:25am showing of The Marine. It sucked. PLus it didn't actually begin until 11:45 after the previews.

Don't wait for DVD or the dollar theatre, save your time and your money.

On the way home I did some grocery shopping for the next 4 days and filled Amy's car with gas for her.

Tonight : crabmeat stuffed tialapia and bay scallops with broccoli and 4 cheese risotto.

Tomorrow : spaghetti with garden salad and Texas toast.

Tuesday : Trivia and dinner at Tijuana Joe's

Wednesday : Beef roast with red potatos, baby carrots, onions and muchrooms done crock-pot tender by Amy.

Thursday: leftovers or something simple because Friday and Saturday we'll be on the road.


amy said...

Dinner rocked!!! Seriously..after 4 days of work, home cooked food made my day!!!! POints for my michael!

Larry W. Virden said...

that menu sounds wonderful - where did you find the recipes?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Mostly it's just straight prep. The tilapia is available wrapped around the crabmeat stuffing at the Publix seafood dept. The scallops were simply sauteed in magarine and garlic, and the risotto was a box mix from Target (Archer Farms brand).

Spaghetti will be in my mother's style (quick and easy) featuring canned tomato paste, McCormick's seasoning, ground beef, water and margarine in the sauce.

The stew is Amy's deal, but in the crock pot you more or less throw everything in there and go to bed.

amy said...

Hey,its much more than have to unwrap the meat and put it in the crock pot and season it and cut the veggies..see its quite a process thank you very much